Our Brands

Stanfield's FR is a member of the Stanfield's Ltd. group of companies. 

Stanfield's Ltd. began back in 1856 on the east coast of Canada as a knit manufacturer. Through decades of keeping people warm and comfortable, the company expanded to leverage their manufacturing expertise into other industries and markets. 

Today this includes Stanfield's FR, Life Liners by Stanfield's FR, Hot Chillys, XGO, and Elita Intimates. For more information and to visit our other brands, click below.


Stanfield's Ltd. - Legendary Since 1856
Life Liners by Stanfield's FR - Protective Firefighting Hoods
Hot Chillys - Don' Get Left Out In The Cold
XGO - The First Layer of Defense
Elita - Simplicity, Comfort and Timeless Confidence.